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Hello and welcome to our WiseWater site, 

Joe and I retired to the Cape 7 years ago from Laguna Niguel, CA to be close to the ocean and family. We found our water to be heavily chlorinated and we didn’t like the taste. So, after much research, we bought a Berkey Water Filtration System.

I volunteer with Barnstable Clean Water Coalition and have gained a valuable education about our water. I have made it my cause to know everything about it! I think quality water is essential to our health. Living and eating healthy has always been a passion of mine. I consider good health to be our most precious gift.

Do you realized, our water is not tested for: PFAS (Perfluroroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl substances), pharmaceuticals, endocrine-disrupting compounds, microplastics nor cyanobacteria?  Private well water has been found to have to 46% PFAS.?  Bottled water is not regulated and leach plastic?  Because of these findings, we are grateful we have used a Berkey all these years; knowing that we have been drinking pure, safe water without heavy metals or toxic contaminants.  Also, do you know that Berkey Water is 50 times cheaper than bottled water?  It is 2 cents vs $1.00 per gallon. 

Family and friends who have enjoyed our pure Berkey water were also concerned about the purity of their tap water and chose to have a Berkey of their own.   Because of this, and the belief that everyone has a right to clean quality water, I became an authorized Berkey Water Purification Dealer.  I would like others to have a choice to have safe drinking water, and not have to be concerned about the quality of their tap water.

Just as important, Mother Earth benefits by reducing plastic bottles. 

We named our company WiseWater.  Isn't preventive medicine is the best medicine?!!!

To your health!

T​he H​itchmans